Building a Property Porfolio

Building a property portfolio is an achievable way to find success through property. I provide stress free solutions to building your portfolio, making it easy for you to put your money to work.

When building a portfolio, there are several elements that are crucial to your success:

Understand why are you building a portfolio and what is the goal: You’ll need to really deep dive into your why and unpack the goal such as being able to retire on $2,000/w.

Build your team: Having a great property investment savvy mortgage broker, accountant and of course Suburbanite will be crucial to your success and achieving your goals.

Set about building that portfolio: Target growth properties with good cashflow. Suburbanite are multi-state licensed buyer’s agents so can provide access to growth properties with good cashflow right around the country

Achieve your goal: If you are building your portfolio to retire on, make sure that there is a plan and a strategy to retire the debt on the portfolio to release the cashflow for retirement.

Don’t focus on capital: Remember you can’t live on capital; you must have cashflow. This will not only allow you to enjoy a comfortable retirement, but it will also allow you to give the kids a helping hand and leave a legacy.

From your tailor-made strategy to the intricate buying process, I work independently with buyers to save them time and money whilst building their portfolio and do annual reviews with my clients to monitor their portfolios and improve performance.